Betty Crocker

Recipes and Production Information


Betty Crocker, a division of General Mills, wanted to promote their brand by offering recipes and meal planning ideas online. Frequently updated content would encourage users to return to the site.

We designed the relational database and provided an extensive content management system that allowed updating of recipes, meal planners and grocery list items.

The content management system allows authors to enter new recipes and assign them to multiple, meal-planner categories. Each of the several meal-planner categories presents a constantly changing, week’s worth of menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. New and archived recipes can be assigned to a day of the week for one or more meal-planner categories. Users can also search for individual recipes, add recipes to their clippings and add the ingredients of a recipe to their shopping list.

Technologies Used:

ASP, MS SQL Server, Windows


Content Management, Full Text Search, Relational Database.

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