CPC Data



CPC Data Systems specializes in the collection and processing of medical claims for hospitals and medical practices. The company wanted to automate the collection and submission of data so that a physician could record charges and diagnoses on a PDA, thus speeding collection and eliminating errors due to transcription and data entry.

408 Group provided a solution which employed Pocket PC’s, Desktop Workstations and a Secure FTP Site. The solution was optimized to provide quick retrieval of patients records, medical procedures and codes, using incremental searches. All lookup data can be dynamically updated using a custom developed Active Sync Conduit.

Technologies Used:
Pocket PC, Data Syncronizaton, C++, Data Encryption

Business Process Automation, Middleware, Relational Database.

408 Group is based in Brooklyn, New York • 917-673-1036 or 718-802-0272 • info@408group.com