NYC/Department of Finance


The Mobile Property Tax Assessment Pilot Project is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of assessors’ use of hand-held devices to support their field activities using Windows Mobile Handheld Computers. Assessors have a full set of tax parcel maps and property data for the five boroughs of New York City loaded on their devices. The pilot project was funded by a grant from the New York State Office of Real Property Services. The piloted solution was jointly developed by the New York City Department of Finance (Property Division & Finance Information Technology),the CUNY Center for Urban Research, and 408 Group. The Department of Finance is evaluating the results of the pilot project for potential expansion to its entire field assessment team.

Technologies Used:
ESRI Arc Server, ESRI Mobile ADF, ESRI ArcMap

Database, Information Architecture, Relational Database.

408 Group is based in Brooklyn, New York • 917-673-1036 or 718-802-0272 •