About Us

408 Group was founded in 2003.

We’ve worked with government agencies, corporations,  small businesses, and start-ups on a range of projects in Content Management, Mobile and Geographic Information Systems. From strategy and analysis to design and development, we can help get your software development project done. We clearly define the goals and specifications of each project, and we carefully follow through on all the details.

We keep our overhead and our prices low without compromising quality. In addition to a small capable staff, 408 Group maintains strategic relationships with local freelancers for specialized, high-level skills to bring you the best quality, service, and price.

Michael Uffer – Principal has over 30 years of experience developing software. He has a great range of technical and management skills, having  led the development of a Mobile Application Framework for Wireless and Handheld devices at Enterprise Air a mobile applications startup. As the Director of Software Engineering at RareMedium, he worked on a variety of large, content-oriented sites with clients ranging from Merrill Lynch to Muze.com.

Michael has extensive experience developing Content Management systems using third party packages such as Vignette Story Server,  Interwoven Team Site and WordPress as well as developing smaller custom-built solutions.

Michael has a Masters of Computer Science degree from SUNY Binghamton.

Susan Clancy – Director of Engineering has over 20 years of experience developing software and managing application delivery for large insurance and financial services companies.  As the lead architect for ING’s Internet Delivery team, Sue designed and delivered complex Java based eCommerce applications for ING’s retirement plans, annuities and Life Insurance customers.

Susan has also been designing and delivering dynamic websites using php, WordPress, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and HTML for a variety of customers with the 408 Group.  Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from SUNY Binghamton.  Susan is based in Simsbury, CT.

408 Group is based in Brooklyn, New York • 917-673-1036 or 718-802-0272 • info@408group.com